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Ladybird was sleeping and I was almost asleep myself but then thunder had to start happening and now I can’t sleep because I’m 5 years old and afraid of bad weather.

My poor Ladybird got stung tonight.

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Delgado was neutered and had that awful eye removed today. He is still a little out of it from the medication but he already seems to be feeling better.

I was looking through my likes and I found these pictures of my cat Moody before he was Moody and he looks so different. Now he’s just a lazy chubby adorable little asshole that loves belly rubs instead of the insufferable little shit he was for the first month or two with him. He made me question whether or not I should even have pets lol. Stuck through and he’s so great and this made me really happy and that’s why I’m rambling. I’m going to get a good picture later to compare.


can you even sue the president like what if you tried to sue obama and you just got a letter back saying “no” and he came to your house and did the worm

turns out you can sue the president.

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